Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Well, I think I can stop POAS now

I started spotting a bit last night. Just a tiny bit, but spotting nonetheless - hopefully this isn't TMI, but it was a sort of streaky (like stringy threads?) rust colored blood suspended in the CM - I'm only mentioning it because I've never heard anyone else describe that, but I always get it on my first day of spotting. Add a temp drop this morning, and I think that the fat lady has pretty much sung for this cycle.

And yes, I know, you're not out until Aunt Flo shows and the temp is still above the coverline, but realistically, based on past charts and experience, I'm out - AF will probably be here in full force sometime tomorrow afternoon.

Based on this, I think a CD13 O-date is probably likely instead of the CD10 date that's currently on my chart, since that puts what's happening now in perfect alignment with past cycles - the tiny amount of thread-like spotting on 12dpo, temp dip on 13dpo, etc. I'll change the crosshairs over sometime later today - anyone know what the coverline temp should be?

Guess this means I have to renew my Fertility Friend VIP membership now...I only have 9 days left but I was hoping to not need another round!

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  1. I voted that it was CD 13 on your previous post. As for the coverline I think it should be 98.1 (then most temps would be higher than the past 6 or so temps - TCOYF says .1 higher than your previous 6 but that isn't always how it works)