Thursday, July 16, 2009

Second U/S - 11w2d

Here's our Little Being...kind of hard to see what's what because he/she was chillaxin' upside down and sort of twisted. The heartbeat was good and strong at 154 bpm. My doctor hadn't planned the NT Scan (which I had asked the nurse about when we had scheduled this appt.) and since I've requested it, she's sending me to the doctor who can do it for us. Unfortunately with me being gone next week the first chance to do it will be at 12w6d, which might be on the "late" side. She said it should be okay, but will check with the doctor who does it. I am annoyed because this is the very reason I asked the scheduling nurse about it weeks ago! UGH! I will be 35 in November, but my doc is not treating me as AMA. Anyway, since I asked, she has requested it along with other screening tests. Otherwise the ones she does in her office are at 18 weeks and I don't really want to wait until then to at least check to see if there are any "markers."

Other than that, the appointment took about 10 minutes. Everything looks great and she said the baby is just perfect. I am feeling good about spilling the beans at work tomorrow (and on my regular blog and Facebook)...I think. I've ordered chocolate and vanilla cupcakes that will have white frosting with pink, blue and yellow sprinkles and topped with a blue or pink plastic baby item (rattle, diaper pin, pacifier, or carriage). Should be cute. I hope so. I think the ladies at work will flip.


  1. Yay on a healthy little being!

    And don't worry - the NT scan can be done between 11w and 13w6d so you'll be right within the timeframe.

  2. Beautiful Little Being you've got there. Good luck with letting everyone know. You'll have to post how it went. : )