Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting...

Why does it feel like someone did this to my clock? What is it about the 2WW that makes time go by so sloooooowly? I also seem to feel everything little thing that’s going on in my body like I've never felt it before. Now I wonder if my body is trying to tell me something every time I feel any sort of twinge, cramp, or gas pain…and they’ve been happening a lot. It’s driving me batty! Ugh…the agony of having to wait. I’ve decided that I’m going to become a billionaire. Yep, that’s right. I’m going to figure out and patent a way to get an accurate pregnancy test result on ovulation day. No more of this waiting around stuff. I’m going to get right to work on that…haha. Do you all have a hard time focusing on other things during the 2WW? What do/did you do to keep yourselves busy during the 2WW?

I’ve read the stats on the accuracy (or lack of) regarding testing early, but I’m considering POAS sometime in the next few days (I’m 8DPO). How long do/did you wait to test? For those of you that are pregnant, what DPO did you finally get your BFP?


  1. I'm at 7 DPO, in my first 2WW, and it's agonizing! I'm trying my best not to over-analyze, but it's so hard!

    If you can figure out that test, you'll be a millionaire. My DH actually asked me if there was any way to know right away if it worked. "Can't you just...look up in there and see something?" Oh, I wish it were that easy!

  2. I usually start testing around 11DPO. >50% is enough for me to start trying. :) But I don't rely on the results until AF comes or until I get a BFP. But I also don't mind getting a BFN, it's not devistating to me like it can be for others. So it depends on if you think you can handle a BFN or not.

    As for the test that tells you you're pregnant the day of implantation, we joked once that it would be nice if there was a chemical you could put in your toilet water that would make the water turn purple and start steaming up when it detects the pregnancy hormone. Wouldn't that be fun? :)

  3. Sorry for the mutiple deletes! Turns out I can't spell.

  4. Rockasaur- I thought I hit the comment jackpot when I saw that I had 5 comments. Haha! Keep the comments (or deletes) coming. : )

  5. I got my BFP at 10dpo but I fully expected a BFN and was shocked that it was positive. If you can handle getting a BFN, then I say tests when you feel like it. And use the cheapo Dollar Tree tests so you don't feel like you're wasting a ton of money.

  6. The two week wait is the worst! My first one was awful...I had 99 pregnancy points on Fertility Friend the day AF arrived and I was devestated. I started POAS at 10DPO that cycle (using $Tree tests) and everyday after until AF arrived.

    My second 2WW (and BFP cycle) I was traveling overseas, so a lot of my "symptoms" I chalked up to being 17 hours away from my home time zone. I have implantation spotting at 9DPO, got home on 11DPO and POAS at 12DPO...BFP!

    Good luck! Personally, I'd wait until at least 2 days before the end of your LP (however long it is) before POAS. But I also hated seeing BFN. If you won't be devestated by no line, then by all means POAS starting at 10DPO. Lots of gals get a BFP as early as then.

  7. Rockasaur - I've removed the deleted comments permanently for you. :-)

    Good luck in your 2WW, Luckysaur!

  8. Oh Luckysaur, I hear you loud and clear. I am 9 DPO and I am going to try as hard as I can to wait until 15 DPO to test. My acupuncturist recommended waiting becuase testing early can catch a chemical pregnancy and I wouldn't want to get my hopes up that high. I don't have any tests in the house and I am going to keep it that way. :)

    I am driving myself crazy analyzing my chart and symptoms (real or phantom). This part of the process is killer.

    Good luck to the both of us!