Monday, July 27, 2009

Scary Day

My normal morning routine has changed since I’ve been pregnant. I used to be able to sleep all night without having to get up to go to the bathroom. Not anymore. I’m getting up at least once, usually twice, to go to the bathroom. Usually by 4:30 am I’ll roll over and stumble out of bed and into the bathroom, go pee and stumble back into bed. I’ve gotten pretty good at doing this in the dark. Yesterday morning, on my third trip to the bathroom, I decided to turn on the lights. Much to my horror, I saw that I was spotting. It wasn’t a lot and it was brown, old blood, but it was enough to scare me wide-awake. My Mayo Clinic book said that it was fairly normal to spot during the first trimester and that I should call my doctor if it lasts longer than a day. I still got on the computer and researched everything that I could about spotting. Of course that scared me even more. I decided to give the computer a break and try to stay positive. I kept checking through out the day and I had very minimal spotting and none so far today. My first appointment with my doctor is tomorrow afternoon. As long as it doesn’t start up again, I’ll let her know about it then. Hopefully I’ll get some reassurance that Baby Luckysaur is ok while I’m there. I know that mother's have an instinct to protect their children from harm. Until yesterday, I didn't know that it started this early in pregnancy. I'm ready to do whatever is necessary to make sure that our little lentil bean comes into this world healthy and happy.

Have any of you ever experienced spotting during your pregnancy?

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  1. I did, with both. The first ended in miscarriage (sorry, you probably don't want to hear this, but that's what happened!). This one, everything seems to be okay... As far as I know, anyways. Unfortunately, it could go either way. Loads of women have spotting and end up having healthy babies. It's a game of luck. I hope yours is nothing and everything is just fine!