Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Are you Ovulating or Something?"

This is what Mr. Bakersaur asked me yesterday. Since I don't chart or temp, I have to guess and my best guess would be this week or next week. So that is 2 weeks of FWP!! As a result of me now jumping on Mr. Bakersaur every chance I get, he finally asked... "Are you ovulating or something?" I couldn't help but laugh!
He decided a long time ago that he wanted absolutely no knowledge of how that whole process worked. Since then, he's gotten a general idea, but he mostly just doesn't want to know when I'm ovulating. He doesn't want to feel pressured :-) He usually stays pretty clueless...but this month he seemed to catch on pretty fast so I had to confess.

I don't mind him not wanting to know. Actually it makes it easier for me too because it takes a lot of the pressure off of me too. We both want this baby so bad. And after the miscarriage, we only want it more. We both tend to a lot of pressure on ourselves and I know it's not helping anything so we've made it our mission this week to quit stressing about it and just let it happen.


  1. That's funny! My husband asks me the same thing everytime I want to "initiate the deed". It's funny to hear my husband is not the only one who makes those comments.

  2. The pressure when you start to try again after a miscarriage is much more than it was the first go-around. I know how you feel. I didn't even really feel much like being physical, but we managed to get a few BDing sessions in. We were extremely lucky and managed to get pregnant on our first month trying after our m/c. I wish you same luck!!