Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The daycare situation

Along with all this wonderful baby stuff I have to think about what we are doing with our baby once she gets here. Boo. For my family we need to have two incomes, which means this mama has to go back to work. Maternity leave is 6 weeks for normal deliveries or 8 weeks if it is a C-section. That means that I am going to leave my 6 week old with someone. That notion breaks my heart a little, I love that I have her all day with me and I am reminded with every wiggle and kick.

I have been putting this process off because I just don't want to do it. As the days click by and the Mr. asks where I stand on it I have to get going on it. (The Mr and I split large responsibilities, he is researching car seats and strollers and I get sitter duty.) So I have started to put my feelers out there, I am looking for a Stay At Home Mom who has a younger child and willing to take a newborn. I believe that my work will allow for some flexibility in my schedule so I can work from home two days a week.

This part is the pits. My heart hurts a little already and I haven't even given birth yet. The worst part is I am really looking for a stranger to raise my baby. My family lives out of state and my in-laws who are close all still work. I just hope that I can develop trust with this person right away, I need trust.

I will keep you posted on where we go from here. 


  1. Where do you live? I'm sure it is a hard thing to do, finding someone suitable to watch your young one. I know it would be for me!

  2. We live in upstate NY, my family is in NJ. I have two emails with phone numbers sitting on my desk. I just am too chicken to call!