Friday, September 2, 2011

Pregnancy is so Un-Sexy...

I love seeing the beautiful woman who have amazing bodies and look so adorable pregnant. They just look so cute! There are days in which I marvel at my growing belly and think that I look Oh So Cute, but then there are days like today.

Days that make pregnancy seem so un-sexy.It all started Tuesday when I was training a new hire at work, when I get up and it feels like I wet myself. I know exactly what it is and I am in disbelief because I am already wearing a panty liner. How can I have so much discharge that it leaks thru my liner onto my pants and in so much abundance that my pants are wet. I waddled myself into the bathroom to check out the situation, it looked like I took a cup of water and poured it on the inside of my pants. No one would notice but still, for real!

I got home from work late, Mr. Jerseysaur started dinner as I asked and I did a few chores. We ate, I finished the chores and sat down for the evening. Heading to bed my nose is stuffy and I keep trying to blow it, but no relief. I slather on the vicks and start snoring away. Until the baby started kicking and waking me up, I have to sit up turn myself over readjust the body pillow and blankets and try to nod back off.

Then I get up this morning and have a full blown Freddy Kruger nose bleed. It just would not stop. It was a pleasant sight, let me tell you.

Well I cleaned myself up and threw on a comfy maternity dress, walk into work and I get the "You look so cute Momma" comment a hundred times.

Thanks, because if you saw me two hours ago you would run for the hills! Haha.

As we all know when creating life your body does the strangest things, I actually had a scary symptom while driving home from work this week. I lost vision in my left eye. I held it closed and continued driving home. It lasted a short while and when I told the Mr. he was quite concerned. Luckily I had another 4 week checkup the next morning and told the doctor what happened. She told me to see a specialist sooner than later as this can be something more serious, i.e. signs of stroke, preeclampsia etc. I called the eye specialist and they saw me this morning bright and early, they ran a few tests, dialiated my eye and saw nothing wrong. The diagnosis for now, an optical migraine. If it happens again we will look further into it but for now I am ok.

I read the book by Jenny McCarthy "Belly Laughs" a few weeks ago on a plane ride home and it was so down to earth, so honest about the un-pleasantries of pregnancy. Its true, it is beyond wonderful and amazing but when you can't get to that one point to shave for weeks and you finally get a glimpse of the braid-able patch on the back of your leg, you can't help but laugh.

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