Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pregnancy, you're mean...

It is about 5-am on the East Coast on a Saturday and I am wide awake.

Fifteen minutes ago I got to experience my second leg cramp of the pregnancy. It is unlike any charlie-horse I have ever had. Maybe it was because I was sleeping on my right side and my leg was low on blood or lack of water as we ate hibachi tonight. I did have about 40 ounces today which I know is not as much as I need but I was drinking water.

Whatever the case may be these cramps are horrendous. As I write this my leg is still throbbing. Its the same spot as last time too but much worse. My left calf tenses up so tight I want to cut it off. The first time this happened was a Friday night as well and it was bad but not wake up Mr. Jerseysaur bad. This time I cried, literal tears and hit him hard to wake up immediately and help. Not that there is much he can do but rub it, rub me, just be awake and see-how-much-pain-I-am-in kinda helps.

This muscle has a mind of its own. It was so tight, I am squirming around the bed trying to straighten it but it was rock solid. At least having the Mr. awake, he could feel how hard it was and I was not purposefully making it be like that. It reminds me slightly of when your older sibling or relative bully would make you say "uncle". I think I would prefer that game because I was screaming "uncle" from the second it started.

OH geez, it still is sore but the tightness is gone. I guess I will go sleep on my right side, drink more water, walk around. All in the hopes this monster does not return. Pregnancy your mean.

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  1. Yikes! I think I'm scared of getting preggers now (more than I already was)... ;-) Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog on my SITs day, just getting around to checking everyone's blog out! :-)