Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We heard and saw the HEARTBEAT!!!!

Friday was my doctor appointment and through the ultrasound we got to see the baby, see it's little heart beating and they turned on the sound so we could hear it! YAYYYYY! Finally. This is the furthest I've gotten since I gave birth to my son (10 years ago) so we are sooooo ecstatic and optimistic. I saw my doctor's Nurse Practitioner and she thinks I may have a shortened cervix which will get checked out again in 4 weeks and I may be a candidate for weekly progesterone shots once I hit 14-15 weeks. If I end up with a weakened cervix I may need to have a cerclage done (a procedure where the cervix is sewn together with a surgical stitch). If it comes to that and with the progesterone shots I pray I will carry to term.

I have a cold. I can't think right now but I had to share my good news. We're just taking this pregnancy day by glorious day. Back pain, stuffy nose, head cold, going potty all the time, already fat belly, every day that I don't see any kind of spotting, is a GREAT DAY! They are all signs that Baby is doing well!!! Keep the faith ladies!!!

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