Friday, September 23, 2011

Booger Factory!!!!

At 10 weeks 6 days a common cold is a nightmare! Not being able to do anything but shoot saline spray up my nose and rub Vicks Vapor Rub on my chest stinks!!!! (Well not that I can smell anything.) I am a booger factory!!! It's disgusting!!! Just hearing myself blow my nose, all those nasty, slimy boogers flying into the tissue kicks in my gag reflex. Ick! Today I'm nauseated on top of it so I'm just a mess. But I went to work so I could save my days for when I'm gonna need them most.

Enough about boogers.

Since I heard the heartbeat and got to see my lil one in the ultrasound last week we are finally telling extended family members and people at out jobs. I let my bosses know Monday and they are all saying prayers for us. I was a little apprehensive about telling administration about my pregnancy because we are undergoing budget cuts and performance evaluations like crazy. I didn't want my pregnancy to be used against me, to be said that because I was pregnant and won't be around for end of the year testing that I shouldn't be allowed to stay in the position that I'm in. But I figured since I am already popping out and having to leave early or show up late for appointments that I needed to divulge in my secret. So far they are supportive and understanding. I'm just hoping for no or little complications to keep everything running smooth and can ride this pregnancy all the way to April!!!

P.S. Thanks Jerseysaur! I'm having a great time reading your posts! Hope your test went well.

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