Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Monday

Another week is here, another pain is present. I don't know that anyone can explain all of the crazy beautiful things happening to your body, experiencing it is so different.

Sleep is becoming more difficult. I feel like I need the 'wide load' sign because I have to sit up to turn over every time I want to switch positions. I also must drag my body pillow along for the ride, at that point I am more awake and trying to find a comfortable spot.

My newest friend is a pain in the ribs. Hmm, yes in the ribs. It started on my left side and today it is full force on both. I know it must be my belly stretching and making room but ouch!  I try to lean back in my office chair as much as possible to alleviate the natural forces of gravity.

It is hard for me to imagine my belly not being there. I so much enjoy feeling her move and kick, it is a constant reminder that she is doing ok. My fears and anxiety has decreased some now that I can feel her. We are 27 weeks as of yesterday, it is shocking to me that we have 13 weeks give or take and less than 100 days. There are so many things running thru my tired brain... daycare, nursery, traveling, cleaning. Its tough to keep it all straight when I feel so drained like I do today.

Maybe I worked it a little too hard this weekend. Maybe baby is just taking what she needs. Who knows.

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