Thursday, September 22, 2011

three hour glucose screening

So I have to go for my three hour glucose screening tomorrow morning. Boo. I did not pass the one hour, I am slightly nervous that I won't pass. I don't have any issues but it would just be my luck.

My ribs are still killing me and I am exiting the honeymoon stage. I think I had my first braxton hicks contraction this week. My belly got all tight and slightly uncomfortable while in the grocery store, of course I was in the baking isle near cake so I may or may not have have placed a box of brownies in my cart.... Sue me!

Other than that, things are going well. I got my shower invite in the mail from my mother. YEA! It was really adorable, thank you Tiny Prints. I am so in love with the fact that its my baby shower.  Mine. All Mine. Well and babies but I have been to so many others and this time its all for my baby!

This crazy almost 30 week pregnant lady is going camping this weekend so I am sure I will have some fun stories when I return. It is our annual Clam-O-Rama as we call it, pretty much its all the old college buddies meet up and act like we are in college again. Its fun for a weekend of no cares and camping. My main concern is the air mattress. Hm. We will see. My belly doesn't seem to have grown much this week, but I have not seen these people in a few months so I am sure they will all be surprised.

Any-who I have my test tomorrow, wish me luck. I will post the results as soon as I know. But for now its off to the wilderness and there are s'mores with my name all over it.

P.S. Congrats Hungrysaur! I am so thrilled for you, keeping your family in my thoughts.

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