Thursday, October 6, 2011

No Shots For Me!

Hello World, I have emerged from my rock. I finally have shaken this head cold thing. Thank goodness! Never did I know that a tiny little cold would rock my world like this one. It really is true that when your sick and pregnant its a whole lot worse.

I was asked at my last appointment if I wanted the flu vaccine, now I had this cold so they wouldn't give it to me anyway. At least thats what the paperwork said but I declined. I have not been faced with this decision before so I had about four minutes to think about it while I was changing from the waist down to have an internal exam. Even before pregnancies I have never received a shot so I thought to myself that I just would not start now and I really did not want it. I am sure others have been faced with this decision but its just one of those things where if I get the flu I will kick myself for not having the shot but if I don't I will be glad I declined.

This week has really been a wash for me, my house is a disaster and I have been in bed before nine most nights. I am determined to stay awake a little longer tonight as my dad and littlest sister are driving four hours to my house to drop off her old juvenile furniture then trekking to Vermont for a weekend in the mountains.

I am meeting with the diabetes center tomorrow morning to review a meal plan that they would like me on to combat the diabetes thing I have going on. I think I have been pretty good with my eating all week, I even tested it with a co-workers meter this morning. About two hours after I ate breakfast my blood sugar was at 84 which is perfect, so I just have to keep doing what I am doing I think. We will see, I will be sure to update you all after I talk with the nurse/nutritionist lady.

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