Monday, October 17, 2011

32 weeks - 8 months officially

Well well we read our latest week in the What to Expect book and we have entered our 8th month. And boy can I feel it. I am so beat halfway thru the day and I feel like I am carrying an extra hundred pounds. My stomach is expanding at such a rate my skin can't keep up, my stretchmarks have stretchmarks. I thought I was good there for a little bit but then BAM, even more and they hurt, itch and seem like they I have broken blood vessels from them. It really is awful but the Mr. is good about telling me he doesn't care about them and that I can use these to make baby girl remember where she came from.

We had our first shower yesterday, it was so very exciting. I could not believe it was for me! It was very quiet and simple, we received some books, clothes, bath items and a car seat base. Very helpful in starting our baby collection. Our house is filling up with her stuff so quickly.

I am secretly checking our registry to see if anyone purchases the chair we want. Fingers crossed.

I feel pregnant, I feel big and pregnant. Its 2pm and I could use a nap or a large pot of coffee. Neither of which I can get right now. Bummer.

Sleeping is still difficult, I get kicked and I am up, her head rests on my bladder and I am up, I try to switch which side I am sleeping on and that is a task. I was so happy to get 6 straight hours Saturday night. Work is harder to stay focused on because I am so damn tired.

A few more weeks till we meet our baby girl. We are still interviewing sitters and I am at the doctor every other week so the days just fly by.

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