Thursday, October 6, 2011

Review: Pregnancy Plus Prenatal Vitamins and Dream Belly Stretch Cream!

At Pregosaur, we're big fans of natural products for TTC, pregnancy, and beyond - and one of our favorite companies, Fairhaven Health, generously gave us four of their amazing products to review. We'll post two reviews now and two later - and then there just might be a giveaway!

Here's what Jerseysaur had to say about the Pregnancy Plus Prenatal Vitamins and Dream Belly Stretch Mark Cream...
At first glance I was thrilled at the size of these nutrient packed vitamins - they are almost half the size of the other vitamins I have been taking so far. I compared the label to my current vitamins to see what is in this bottle that may be different. I was quite surprised with what I found - these vitamins have a few more ingredients and are quite consistent with the daily percent value. I have always wondered what going over the limit means to me, but these don't seem to over-do it while maintaining the 100% value across the board.

I also have been having little to no nausea with these pills on a full or empty stomach, which to anyone who has had morning sickness (or whole pregnancy sickness) that can be a real lifesaver!

I do have to say one thing I REALLY love about this brand is how natural all the products are. I am constantly thinking about what I put in that my baby gets to share with me and I am really pleased to know that these vitamins are nourishing us both naturally.

Look at the Dream Belly Stretch Mark Cream bottle, how pretty! I am a sucker for shelf appeal and package design, its nice to see some flair when I am dealing with stretch marks. As I have developed a much larger belly in the past few months, I have those mommy battle scars and as much as I would love to see them go they are with me forever now. I have been moisturizing since day one and will continue to constantly lather up as we get closer to the big day, but if I have my choice of creams on my night stand I have been turning to this one more frequently.

The best thing about this cream is the fruity smell - I peeked at the ingredients and saw grapefruit extract, which is so soothing. The list of ingredients is chock full of oils and butters which makes it feel so silky smooth. I recently have started learning more about the powers of natural oils and am so glad to see a few familiar names that are in this lotion to help repair my skin.

This product will take some time to see how it fairs in the last few weeks but so far so good. The non-chemically smell and thickness of the lotion really make it a great choice to have some bonding time with me and my baby belly.

Stay tuned for the next two reviews and the giveaway!

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