Monday, October 24, 2011

We are getting down to the wire

We are getting down to the wire and I am starting to feel the pressure. No not pressure - down there - but pressure to get things done and prepared. We had my second shower yesterday, my mother threw it and this is her first grandbaby so she went all out let me tell you! Here is a picture of the cake, EEK I love it!

The quality is not the greatest, I uploaded so quick to Shutterfly this morning just so I could have some to show. I have done 0 retouching so maybe I will show more later but AWW isn't it so cute! Special thanks to the Pink Cake Box in Denville NJ for an amazing job. 
I am feeling better about the amount of stuff we have for her arrival, we are very fortunate to have such loving friends and family. This weekend was the last time I will see my parents before she makes an appearance. WOW. We talked about phone trees and making sure I give them directions to the hospital. And here I sit not thinking about work (which is in the busiest quarter of the year) but rather about my baby. I have to learn to use my time for both. 

I did not have a Dr.s appointment last week, which means I should have one this week. And we start baby classes on Wednesday. The weeks are jumbling together and I am starting to freak. 

Sleep is sometimes good sometimes not. Last night I woke up a bunch due to the round ligament pains again, I have not had them in a while and she must have grown a little last night because boy did I feel them. 

All in all, I know my body is getting ready and I know she is growing like she should. All wonderful things. I am getting myself mentally prepared for what is going to happen to me here soon. My mind and body are on two different wavelengths - my mind is FREAKING OUT and my body just says "I got this". I need both to be in sync. I don't think I have discussed this yet but everyone asks the question about getting pain meds, or an epidural. Pretty much its been the one question since week 20 that everyone asks. My answer has been the same since then; if I want it I will take it but if I feel like I can handle it I will. I am fully aware it is no walk in the park, it is called labor for a reason. I just know there are millions of women for the last millions of years who have done this time and time again and I can too.

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  1. So glad you enjoyed the cake! And congratulations! We have a touched up photo available here - feel free to use it.