Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tests, Tests & More Tests

Baby Craftysaur at 37 weeks... this was taken during a biopysical profile ultrasound.

My Dr.'s appointment on Monday didn't quite turn out the way I had hoped or expected! I woke up that morning feeling very nauseous with a splitting headache. I ended up throwing up three times before it was time to leave! My blood pressure wasn't terribly high compared to what it had been but I was a little puffy and starting to get a little concerned because of the vomiting. I had it in my head that we would be having a baby this week... it's now Thursday and I am still pregnant and on bed rest!

I turned in my "jug 'o pee" from my 24 hour urine analysis, peed in the cup, got weighed and sent back for my routine check up. The nurse took my blood pressure, asked a few questions and sent in the doctor. The doctor asked how I'd been feeling, measured me, listened to the "Baby" and then admitted me as an out patient to Labor and Delivery.

She ordered a non stress test which is where the mother (me) is hooked up to the fetal monitor just as she would be if she were in labor, and the response of the fetal movements is observed. She also ordered a biophysical profile which generally evaluates, through the use of ultrasound, 4 aspects of life in the uterus: fetal breathing, fetal movement, fetal tone and amniotic fluid volume. I was also given an IV due to dehydration caused by the vomiting.

While the tests were being performed they drew blood to check and make sure my liver and kidneys were functioning normally and they are. They did find protein in my urine again but it was at a +2 which isn't high enough for them to be concerned at this stage in my pregnancy. The non stress test showed that the baby is doing just fine and that I am having contractions off and on but not enough to categorize me as being in "active labor". The biophysical profile had to be done twice because the first time the radiologist came in she was unable to pass us due to my very sleepy "Baby". After a snack and a cold drink he was ready to perform and passed with flying colors in the first 10 minutes!

After about 4 hours or so I was dismissed, told to go home and remain on bed rest for another week and come back next Monday for more fun and games! I got the results of my 24 hour urine analysis back yesterday and I am being asked to retake that test... YUCK! Apparently the volume of urine was much lower than they liked to see. I can't tell you how many times I have tried to tell my nurses and doctors that I have been having trouble peeing. I will fill up on fluids this Sunday and again pee in my little jug only to blow up like a balloon from the retaining of the fluids and sit on the toilet for hours on end because of the pressure from not being able to pass much urine... YAY ME!

They are also considering another non stress test for Monday to check out the "little man" and make sure he is still doing OK. Hopefully we will have an answer as to whether or not I need to be induced next week. As far along as I am now, I am not sure I even want to mess with an induction as long as he's doing OK. I am feeling much better today and am tired of the testing and retesting and would honestly rather have labor set in on it's own between now and then. I am anxious to meet our Baby but as long as he's healthy on the inside, I say why not keep him that way and can we do it w/out remaining on bed rest... PLEASE!

I would love to hear some feedback from those of you who have been induced whether it be because of preeclampsia or other health related issues. What week were you induced and why? Were your baby's lungs fully mature upon delivery? Were your contractions that much more uncomfortable due to the induction? And finally, were you able to have a vaginal delivery w/out it turning into a C-section?


  1. I didn't have any serious medical issues when I was induced. I had gone to the Dr. for a routine checkup 40wks and two days to be exact. I had mentioned that I hadn't been feeling my LO move as much, assuming he was running out of room! The stress turned out to be fine, but since the Dr. was concerned that I couldn't feel him moving as much she wanted me to be induced. I was induced on a Tuesday at 1pm and had my baby 29hrs later. I had him Vaginally!!!!
    Sorry if this post may not pertain to you, but I wanted to let you know that I had a successful vaginal delivery after 29hrs of labor! YOu can do it, good luck to you!

  2. I was induced at 37 weeks and 3 days because of early preeclampsia. I feel for you and all the tests. I went through all of those. Isn't the pee jug great!? J/K. My whole labor was fine, just a bit long since I had wasn't dilated or effaced when we started. My baby girl was perfectly healthy after being delivered vaginally. I can't compare the pain since I've only labored once. Best of luck to you! It will work out.