Monday, October 4, 2010

I've got the "almost a year" blues...

I'm sorry I haven't posted more often lately. I've been in a serious TTC funk.

So October 24 is one year TTC. What does that mean for THIS cycle, my 12th since beginning TTC. That means I' am 12 dpo and scared to death to test. I don't want to see a lonely single line this month. I think I may just fall to pieces if I do. Any other month I'd have been testing since 8dpo.

My chart is okay this month (link in sidebar). I ovulated close to a week late, and my post-o temps are really fluctuating. But I'm not taking any supplements and my LP is still more than 10 days so I guess that is a bonus, especially since I went 100% natural this month with no supplements at all to help O or my LPD (luteal phase defect). Maybe my body is straitening out just a little??

How do the women who TTC for 2-3-4-5 years do it!! I'm pushing one year and I am so ready to just give up!

Can everyone who is so inclined throw a little positive baby dust and prayers my way?? I'd love to be posting here as a real pregosaur and not just a TTCosaur....

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  1. Positive thoughts your way! My friend had a LPD and she went on to have two healthy boys with the help of Clomid. I'm sure it will happen for you too!