Saturday, June 5, 2010


I can´t believeve made it this far, and I can´t believe that I can finally brush my teeth again without gagging, open the fridge without wanting to run to the sink, actually have fond thoughts about food, and go a whole day without napping! Wow.

How far along: 15w3d

Total weight gain: haa, I haven´t weighed myself this week, but at my 14 week appt. I had only gained 200 grams....I got a scolding. I´m sure that nowve begun to feel like eating again, I´ve finally put some weight on, but I´m not worried about it. I eat when I´m hungry and that´s enough for me. I figure my body will do what it´s supposed to do if I just let it.

How big is baby?: ve read something about a naval orange. The doctor didn´t acutally tell me how many centimeters the baby was measuring, just that it was looking good.

Materinity Clothes?: Well, I wore my regular pants up until last week, and I suppose I could still wear them, but the under belly jeans are more comfortable. I still wear some of my regular tops, although lots of them aren´t long enough to go with the under belly jeans. Today I wore a pair of my shorts that were "too big" with a t-shirt an they fit fine. I don´t really look pregnant, maybe a little pudgy.

Sleep: I sleep through the night unless I need to go to the bathroom, but that usually happens around 5 am now. So I sleep from 10-5. My back is beginning to hurt, and my knees bother me, but I haven´t been able to find a body pillow to use yet.

Movement: I can´t feel any movement, but the little one is always moving all over the place at my scans. We´ve seen head stands and other acrobatic feats.

Food cravings: Mexican!

Belly button: my belly button is an innie.

Best moment this week?: I don´t know that I`ve had just one "best" moment, butve finally begun to look at baby things, and that´s pretty nice.


  1. Thanks for the progress report. I am very glad that things are going well.

  2. So glad to hear things are going well! I hear ya on the gagging while brushing bit... now if only my teeth and gums would quit bleeding!