Thursday, May 27, 2010

Belly Shots

Something I didn't do while pregnant w/ this little blue-eyed baby was "belly shots"! I took a few about a week before he was born but I sort of regret that I didn't take more. I've never been too fond of looking at my stomach so why would I want to photograph it?! I am really going to try harder this time and thought this was a good start!
I am currently 18 weeks today and am already feeling the heat of what is starting out to be a very HOT summer! Although I was pregnant at the very same time when I was expecting DS, I never bought a pair of shorts... guess I didn't spend much time outside! I have resorted to wearing DH's boxer shorts most days but don't feel real comfortable wearing them places like the grocery store or the bank. We are leaving for vacation next week and have decided that I am going to have to bite the bullet and buy some shorts. I don't think I can stand a whole week in Texas w/out them!
I saw my Dr. earlier this week and Baby seems to be doing really well. He/she kicked the instant the Doppler was placed on my stomach, DS got a real "kick" out of that! He is still convinced that Baby is a boy, I guess we will find out on the 23rd of June. I wish we could have set up an earlier time to find out but we will just wait and see!
After much consideration I decided to go ahead with the blood work that tests to see if there are any birth defects. I am currently reading a book about a family who has a child w/ OI (osteogenesis imperfecta), I guess it's making me a little paranoid! Anyway, my blood work should be back sometime today or tomorrow and while I am sure there won't be a problem, I guess I just wanted to know this time. I will keep everyone posted w/ my results!

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