Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The good, the bad, and the gross

It´s been quite a while since I´ve posted. Truth be told, I´ve been too exhausted to do much of anything, let alone write a coherent post. I hope you´ll forgive me.

The good: Baby has looked good on both scans I´ve had since last posting. I even got an extra scan in last week after someone rear-ended me...the rear-ending part not so fun, but getting to see the baby at 12w on the nose was great, and he or she even seemed to be sucking a thumb when I first saw them. The hb was where it should be, the baby measured six centimeters, and I could even see where the eyes and nose and mouth were! It made this pregnancy seem a bit more real to me. I´ll have the NT scan on Thursday. I´m hoping the bean is still looking good.

The bad: Well m/s is not all that fun, and actually I would call it more evening sickness because that´s when I feel the worst. I don´t have much of an appetite right now, though my ob/gyn assures me that this too will pass and I will start gaining weight like a champion...so far I´ve only gained 300 grams. I woke-up yesterday morning with a back-ache that hasn´t really gone away, and I´ve had some RLP (round ligament pain), at least I think that´s what it is, but it freaks me out a bit as I´ve read that those symptoms can be related to miscarriage....not a nice feeling. But I´ve told myself no more Dr. Google. I will wait until Thursday and ask the Peri about it. Hurry up Thursday and get here! I haven´t had any spotting which is a good thing. I´m hoping it´s all normal and that this is a sign to stay away from the internet for pregnancy info.

The gross: chew everything you eat very, very well.


  1. I'm glad your baby is doing well. All the best for your NT scan. I hope your m/s eases up soon!

  2. Keep up the good work Mommy! Only a few more weeks and you can be worry free! And I hear ya on the Dr. Google... I'm terrible about that too! Relax and enjoy every minute of your pregnancy... you deserve it!