Saturday, June 5, 2010


Today is CD43 and I am still waiting for AF to arrive after my first Clomid cycle. My beta-HCG blood test was negative.

When we saw the fertility specialist on May 17th, she did not recommend continuing with Clomid for the next cycle. I didn't respond very well to it, which is not a surprise as my FSH was 14. The doctor recommended that we try injectable fertility medications. Specifically, Puregon (Follistim in the USA) to stimulate my ovaries, Orgalutran (ganirelix) to hold off my LH surge until the follicle(s) get to the right size and Ovidrel (HCG) to trigger ovulation when the time is right. This past cycle, I had my LH surge too early - at CD8 when my follicle was still quite small. The doctor also suggested that we consider using IUI instead of timed intercourse with the injectable medications.

Mr. Pharmasaur and I had previously said we wouldn't use Clomid. Then we said we wouldn't use injectable drugs. We talked and thought about this decision for several days before we decided to try the injectable drugs. We also agreed that after using the drugs, we would like to increase our conception chances by using IUI. There is nothing wrong with Mr. Pharmasaur's sperm analysis, but the IUI will be effective in by-passing my cervical fluid which has not been very abundant lately.

I went to the fertility clinic again this past week to get some help in locating my missing AF. My progesterone level was 14 and my endometrial lining was thick which means that AF is on her way soon, I hope! The fertility specialist checked my thyroid hormones again and decided to increase my medication. I hope this gets the levels where they should be and keeps them there. I will get the test repeated in about a month or so to see if it is working.

I have the injectable medications ready to go. Now, all we need is AF and a CD3 blood level of FSH lower than 14 to go ahead. Wish us luck!


  1. I´m crossing fingers and toes that AF shows soon and that your bloodwork comes back within the acceptable range! Keep us posted.

  2. Hey SITS sista! Good luck!!! Your blog name and style made me smile! Thx! =)