Monday, June 21, 2010

A quick beta-HCG update and more...

I spoke to the clinic about my beta values recently. On June 2 I went there because AF was missing and my beta level was less than 1. On June 15, the day of my HPT BFP, my beta level was 1890. The doctors figured that I was about 4.5 weeks along at that point. So, I calculate I was around 17 or 18 DPO. Then two days later, my beta was up to 3380. If you look at the charts here, that seems to be pretty good. I know beta levels can be deceptive so I'm really waiting for my first ultrasound to see how things are progressing.

The clinic called me today and my first pregnancy ultrasound will be on July 5th. I'll be just past 7 weeks then. I am pretty nervous about it. Mr. Pharmasaur is coming with me, thank goodness! Last year, our first ultrasound was pretty devastating. It was the first clue that something was wrong with the pregnancy and that it would end in miscarriage.

This is a different pregnancy and we are hoping for a much different outcome this time.

I've been trying to keep calm and relaxed and not to over think what could be happening. I've been doing some guided meditations from a CD I have which I am enjoying. I am also journaling and I find this helpful too. I even got a new cell phone to help keep me busy!

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I am focusing on staying positive and practicing all the patience I can muster until our ultrasound appointment. Please send us lots of sticky vibes!


  1. Hope all goes well, and I'll send some happy vibes your way!

    I'm visiting from SITS.

  2. Sending lots of sticky vibes your way!!!