Monday, January 30, 2012

First real appt with OB

I registered with the OB (well, re-registered since I went to her 5 years ago for gyno appts) two weeks ago. That was really just a paperwork thing, so today I had my first real appointment. I was picky about the time, so ended up seeing the PA instead of the OB. She's really lovely, so it was a nice visit. I knew I wouldn't have an ultrasound today, but they said we'd listen for the heartbeat, so DH came along. It took a little bit, but sure enough, we heard that sweet sound. I had some minor spotting last night, so having this scheduled appointment was a blessing. Of course the spotting was normal, but it was nice to be reassured by someone other than the internet. So far everything is going well. I'm 9w3d today, feeling pretty good, and really only craving red meat and fruit. My next appointment with them isn't for 4 weeks. They also gave me information for the trisomy 13, etc. testing that I need to have done with the perinatologist in the next few weeks. Seeing that I'll be 37 on Sunday (gulp!) I wasn't surprised that I need this testing, but when she said 34 is considered 'advanced maternal age' I was really surprised!

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