Thursday, January 19, 2012

6 Week Post-partum check up

I had my check up yesterday and am healing quite nicely. My incision is healed, it is still red but the doctor said that will go away with time. I have had a few issues that have popped up so I asked about them: my wrist, about two weeks before she was born my wrist started to bug me, nothing major, really dull ache. I know it was my carpel tunnel nerve and I heard it can act up during pregnancy. Well no one told me it would get much worse AFTER. Hmm. I am now wearing a brace on my left hand and its hard to pick up the baby with my left hand. Awesome.

I have also been experiencing some nerve issues with my foot. When I bend my left foot to the right I get a shooting pain starting from my third toe to my ankle. It is a very specific area and I noticed a few days ago that I have been itching the bottom of that toe often without really realizing.

The doctor said these types of things will get worse before they get better but that I will need to see my primary care dr. if they don't go away in another month.

I also have a completely new body and it took a little getting used to. I didn't really get a good look at all my new stretch marks until a week after birth. I cried. Yep. Being pregnant I was the most confident I have been in my body in years. From the start of our journey and with each miscarriage I gained, some hormonal and some emotional eating attributed to that and the depression cherry on top probably didn't help. So when I was really pregnant and stuck out like crazy I embraced it and showed it off. I wore tops that accentuated the positive, now I am left with a deflated balloon that was over-inflated. My skin sags, it hangs, my stretch marks are deep and dark and ALL over. I remember seeing the first one, and towards the end anything under my belly button was unseen so I didn't even know! My baby was almost ten pounds and my body stretched bad. I know I have to embrace it because its worth having her. Plus my husband is super supportive. I haven't even tried pre-maternity pants yet and I am just plain not ready. I still like that the panel hides the majority of my stretch marks and it holds the extra skin I have. The doctor said it will be a good six months of healing, its all part of the journey that I prayed and wished so hard for.

So for now, I will wear my muumuus (yes I own them and they are great), maternity pants and work on being the best mom I can be.

Our little babe, Addison. 

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  1. Aww, she's adorable. I LOVE that bow!! Hang in there! Sometimes it can feel like you lost everything about your old life during these new weeks (including your body!) but you'll be able to merge this life and your old one and your body will recuperate!! You are a great mom!