Friday, December 2, 2011

6 days until baby gets here... for real.

Well well, this is my 6th to last day pregnant. After all the speculation and doctors appointments and talking...

Yes, we have a scheduled c-section because our dear daughter is a chunker. She was estimated to be around 9 pounds 11 oz (give or take a pound) This means the doctors no longer recommend attempting a vaginal delivery. Thats when my heart breaks a little and yes there were tears.

Of course I have been reading about natural drug free births and really wanted to test myself, my stamina, and proudly wear the badge of honor as I delivered my baby but thats not our story this time around.

I am disappointed and its a hard feeling to swallow because I don't want to feel disappointed when it is such a momentous time in our lives. BUT there was a a part of me excited for the labor, the waiting, the pushing, the commotion of "She's coming" 

My more stable mind (which has been on hiatus for weeks now) knows the risks far out weigh the common sense and everyone wants to play it safe with our lives. So that is exactly what we are going to do. 

We got the news around noon yesterday and its my nightly 3-4 am wake up time and I am still in a bubble about it. 

She is really coming, and I have a date a time? What. My home that has been filled with baby stuff is actually going to be put to use... next week? It so unreal. 

I am trying to take it one day at a time because my brain just cannot comprehend whats coming. Tonight was supposed to be when we signed the contract with the sitter but our first pet cat is sick again and the Mr. is pretty bummed about it so I don't want to push him tonight to hurry up and deal with the cat thing so we can deal with the sitter thing. Its a rough week for him, all these crazy emotions flying around. 

We also waited until the absolute last minute to choose a pediatrician, I have an appointment with them Monday afternoon. They scheduled a prenatal visit for me, what that entails, I will soon find out. 

And Monday is pretty much where my brain stops. It has yet to go beyond that date so for now, yea I will leave it at that. 

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