Monday, January 17, 2011

Babies, babies everywhere!

I've always been someone who takes a peak at babies when they pass or enjoys watching shows about babies. It really seems that in this past month I've become hypersensitive to babies being EVERYWHERE! Pregnant celebrities are coming out of the woodwork. Even characters on my favorite sitcoms are talking about having their (fake) babies! Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled that some of my very good friends are pregnant or have had their babies. It's the acquaintances constantly jabbering on about their pregnancies or all the random women I see when I'm out in town that either annoy me (the FB ones) or make me feel sad (the randomers). Then of course there are the days that I have to walk past the maternity hospital and I see expectant moms standing outside having their last smoke before they go in for their appointment. Disgusting.

I think these feelings all come from the fact that I was feeling very hopeful this past month. The month before that? Not so much. We were traveling separately and the timing was off by the time we were together again. But this past cycle? I'll admit I got my hopes up. I was hoping for a Christmas miracle baby. To see DH's disappointment when I told him this cycle didn't work broke off a piece of my heart. Here is my chart:

Looks pretty perfect to me! Boo!

We had agreed that if it didn't happen during this cycle, DH would go to have some testing done. He has an appointment for next week, but it falls on day 16 of my current cycle (I typically ovulate between days 14 and 16) and since we'd have to abstain for 3-5 days prior I'm thinking about pushing it back a few days. Otherwise this cycle will be a total bust.

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  1. Wow.. looks identical to my Dec chart you commented on :(