Saturday, December 18, 2010

If someone else says "It will happen" to me I just might lose it!

Lately I feel like this woman. I just want to scream at the top of my lungs when people say things to me in regards to trying to get pregnant.

Things I hear that make me want to scream:
  1. "It will happen"
  2. "Don't think about it and BAM it will happen"
  3. "Stop stressing out about it, that is why it isn't happening"
  4. "You're young, don't worry about it"
  5. "Have more sex"
  6. "Just get drunk and then have sex, that worked for us"
What do people say to you that makes you have to bite your tongue?

I had to buy another pack of tampons because AF did in fact come. Although, it wasn't on Day 13 (after O) like I thought it would be, it came the following day. Regardless, the cramps are there as a constant reminder that a new cycle has started. There is nothing I can do about it so I'll just have to suck it up and enjoy the Holidays! We'll be able to start the New Year off with a bang. Literally. ;-)


  1. Ugh I always hated #3! It would just make me MORE stressed!

  2. I hear you... I'm beginning to wish we hadn't told anyone we were trying! It really does just add to the stress. So unhelpful! I love the truly idiotic questions too, like "you do realize you have to have sex, right?" No, thanks, I hadn't thought of that! Some people are amazing...

  3. I, too, wish we didn't tell anyone that we were trying. Then I could dodge these idiotic questions! :-)