Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Where did the time go?

I looked at my ticker on a message board this morning and realized that I am now in the double digits--only 98 days to go! At least I think I mean (!) but maybe not--I mean where did the time go? I planned to make all sorts of interesting posts about my pregnancy, fill you gals in on the good the bad and the ugly, I had a post planned (in my head) for when I reached 24 weeks, but I was in some sort of haze and forgot.

I feel sort of like I´ve cheated myself and my child by not being more diligent and writing down the important things. Some day my little girl might ask me "when did you feel/have _______ ?" or "How much ___________?" No clue. All I can say is that I´ve finally put on some weight. Rather suddenly actually. Like three pounds in 10 days....holly cow how did that happen? Like I said, no idea.

The ups: Baby girl has really been getting stronger and a lot more active. I enjoy feeling her kick and punch and twist and turn, and maybe even have the hiccups, though I´m not entirely sure that´s what it was. Sometimes it´s even down right uncomfortable when she kicks. She likes to protest certain sleeping positions of mine...ahhh my right side, how I would love to sleep on you, but someone isn´t to keen on that.

She´s growing. She´s growing and that is marvelous, wonderful news to her mommy. The doctor estimated her at about 900 grams last week. I´m very thankful for that because it means things are ok. She´s in about the 45-50 percentile for everything. She´s not big and she´s not little. That´s quite ok with her mommy.

The downs: The perinatlogist discovered that the bloodflow to the uterus on my right side isn´t good. I have something called notching. It means there is resistence in the artery and not as much blood can flow to the uterus and then to the placenta. The left side is good, but the right side not so much. I´m at risk for developing pre-eclampsia and HELP syndrome, and the baby is at risk for IUGR (growth retardation) but right now my blood pressure is good and baby is growing. I´ll take that. It means that I must continue me heparin shots and be closely monitored. I have another appt. with the perinatologist the beginning of september for her to check again. In the mean time, I´ve finally hit a wall with the heparin shots. In the beginning it wasn´t bad and I didn´t mind too much, but now I´ve started to dread it. I can´t really find a good place to do them anymore. My belly is growing and stretching and taking all the skin with it...so much for finding a fold of skin to pinch! My thigh....I tried it once and it was unbearable. So for the moment I search for a place that might work on my hips or near my belly and go for it...

The TMI´s: My breasts are really getting ready for the whole BF thing. My nipples are changing color, shape, size...and more. Yes, I think I leak a bit now and then. I even pee on myself if I´m not careful. A word from the wiser, DO YOUR KEGELS. Really. It´s not fun to pass gas and accidentaly pee on yourself at the same time, really.

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