Thursday, August 5, 2010

What a Pain in the Neck

At 28 weeks I have woken up everyday with the most horrible sore neck! BenGay is my best friend right now! During the day, luckily, the pain isn't too bad. I can at least tolerate it but at night and right away every morning, I have been more than miserable! For the first few days I kept telling myself that it would go away... it's been OVER a WEEK!!! Is it ever going to go away?!

I have tried switching pillows, changing positions while sleeping and various different forms of support for my legs, back and neck during the night. Nothing seems to help! At what point do I call my Dr.? I need my sleep and sitting up, nursing a stiff neck is not my idea of rest!

I have a feeling that all of this "taking it easy" stuff has caused my pain in the neck. I haven't been able to be nearly as active and avoiding the great outdoors right now is critical since we are experiencing triple digit heat, daily! Has anyone else experienced this type of horror?! What should I do?

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  1. That is the worst! I never had any problems with my neck but my back and hips killed me. I know not everyone loves the idea, but my chiropractor saved me!