Thursday, August 5, 2010

what a crazy week!!

I feel like I belong in Alice in Wonderland.. "we're all a little mad here.."

I have had strange little lines pop up on IC tests since 8 dpo, but nothing I'm positive about.

FRERs and Answer Earlys do not agree with the ICs.

Fertility Friend keeps moving my O date so I'm 9dpo/10 dpo/9dpo/11dpo... **sigh**

I have officially banned myself from testing until I agree with FF that I am 13 dpo. and even then, only with an IC. If I agree with the line I MIGHT dip the FRER... MAYBE.. I might wait another day even then.

I think my mental facilities have had it with this week. I had a breakdown today and cried in my coffee. This is my 10th cycle TTC, and though I know that is short compared to what some people go through, it is almost more than I can handle.

I hope the rollercoaster is over soon......

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