Monday, July 5, 2010

Almost half-baked

I´m 19w5d today, so almost half-baked. Mr. Lillysaur went with me to my appt this morning to see baby Lillysaur. It was a long, long wait, but we got to see the baby. Most importantly, today was the first time Mr. Lillysaur saw the baby in action. We didn´t get to hear the hb, but maybe next time. Our little one was hard to see as she was all cozied up in the corner. Her head is on my bladder (no wonder I pee all.the.time) and her feet were over on my left side. I had figured as much because whenever I feel any kicks, it´s always in about the same place, on my left side! Guess mommys really do know best.

The weather has been very, very hot here. Not having air conditioning kind of sucks when it´s over 90 outside! My belly feels particularly tight and uncomfortable when the temperature is up and I´m on my feet, so I´ve been avoiding it as much as possible. The doctor said to drink 3-4 liters of water on hot days...maybe I can just camp-out on the john.

Ups: feeling the bebe move more, getting more kicks.
Downs: It´s getting hard to roll over in bed, and my belly isn´t even that big yet...oh boy.

Weight gain: I´ve gained 5.5 lbs to date which isn´t much she said. I have no idea how much people normally gain by 20 weeks, but I´ve been eating like a horse....

Belly button: My belly button is still an innie, but it looks like it´s going to be an outie in another month or so.

Maternity clothes: yes, but I still wear my regular swimsuits and some regular shorts of mine. I don´t really look that pregnant, and so far no one has come up and asked or said anything to me. I guess they all think I´m just getting a bit fat.

Best moment: I don´t know that I´ve had a best moment this week, but feeling her kick after I´ve had something particularly cold and sweet to drink is kind of fun!

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  1. I'm glad to hear things are going well. Congrats on being halfway there!