Friday, April 30, 2010

Taking It Easy

After a wild weekend, I had a follow up visit w/ my Dr. on Wednesday and everything looks good! Baby was very active again and his/her little heart was beating away loud and clear at 160-170 beats a minute. As for the cause of the bleeding, there's not munch explanation. Dr. feels that I may just be one of those women who experience spontaneous bleeding from time to time. She has recommended that I take it easy and refrain from mowing the lawn, moving sheets of tin and pulling weeds for awhile!

We have also been given instructions to abstain from sex for at least the next month! A friend of mine who is very much done having children has asked if I could get her that kind of Dr.'s note! DH was completely OK w/ these orders, he doesn't want to feel as though he at any point has caused a trip to the ER! When we go back the end of May we will once again discuss whether or not this is still necessary but my Dr.'s advice personally, was to try and abstain throughout the rest of the pregnancy only for peace of mind. That's a little longer than I'd like but am willing to do what's best for the Baby!

Taking it easy isn't as easy! I am normally the person in our household who takes care of all of the outside chores. That includes the mowing, which I am pretty particular about! Also, now that the weather has changed over to Spring, DS is all about the great outdoors! It's hard for me to sit and watch him play and not get distracted by weeds that need pulling or seeds that I have been wanting to plant. I don't like to ask for help but might be needing some in the next few months!

I have been looking at it as sort of a way of spending a lot of extra quality time w/ DS. He is starting Preschool this fall and w/ the new baby, he deserves as much alone time w/ Mommy as I can give him. That's really the best part of taking it easy and in a few years when they aren't babies anymore I will look back at these next few months and be thankful for the time I had to take it easy!


  1. I'm glad all is well. Rest up & enjoy your DS!

  2. Well I'm glad you're taking it easy--keep your feet up and stay hydrated and enjoy it while you can!! :)