Thursday, April 8, 2010

It´s a blob!

I had my third ultra sound today at the hospital and got to see the most beautiful blob with a heart beat! The doctor said the blob was measuring at 6w4d, which gives us a due date of November 28th. Wow. I can´t believe I got to see a heart beat--I´ve never been able to see one before today, and it is truly an amazing thing to see. Suddenly this baby seems very, very real to me.

After seeing my blob, it was time for me to read through some 14 pages of blaah, blaaah, blaaah before signing the dotted line to participate in the study the hospital is doing. After signing the papers, the form got faxed off to an office which determined if I was to be assigned to the group with only prenatal vitamins, or the group with prenatals and Dalteparin (like lovenox). Lucky me got the group with all the goodies....They sent me home with a garbage bag full of prefilled syringes and prenatals to begin taking daily. Yes, a garbage bag full. They didn´t have any other bags available, and I couldn´t carry all the boxes of stuff without a bag, so a garbage bag it was. The doctor even joked with me, asking me if my car was big enough to haul it all away. I also have an appt. schedule for up to my 24th week of pregnancy when I will have graduated from the study. Wow.

And now I´m off to let this all soak in.


  1. Congrats on seeing the heartbeat! That is an important milestone for sure.

    I love your due date! My Bday is November 30th - LOL!

  2. Congratulations! That's so exciting!!

  3. wow, 3 ultrasounds before the "blob" is 6weeks?? Is that normal?

    Hope everything goes smoothly this point forward, you are only just starting a crazy journey

    Visiting from SITS

  4. That is so wonderful. Congrats!

    Stopping by from SITS.