Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hoping to Hear a Heart Beat

One word... EXHAUSTED! Obviously that is no excuse for my lack of blogging here in the past few weeks but when you are falling asleep at the keyboard at 7pm, it's time to hit the sack! That is exactly what happened the other night!

I had my first official OB appointment on Monday. I was really excited because I knew it could be the first time we would hear the baby's heartbeat. My DH took the afternoon off to go along, and boy am I glad he did! I had planned on taking DS even if DH had to work, I wanted him to be there to hear the heartbeat too. I was told to be there about 15 minutes early so we could go over my medical history and because of my DH's excitement we were there 30 minutes early!

After checking in, we sat and waited only a few minutes before we were called back. My nurse made us feel very much at ease and even cut up w/ us a bit at the ridiculousness at some of the standard medical questions. For example... "Have you taken any illegal drugs since the last time you were asked this question?"... two minutes earlier!

DS did pretty well for the first thirty minutes of being trapped in the tiny room but when the questions had all been asked and the Dr. finally came in, he had about enough of sitting there! Our Dr. was nice enough to ask if we'd like to try and get the baby's heartbeat first so then DH and DS could wait in the waiting room during the rest of the procedure. (Thank goodness DH came along, what would I have done w/ DS during the pelvic exam?!)

As the Dr. began trying to get the baby's heartbeat, she explained to us (very nervous parents) that sometimes at 10 weeks it's still a little hard to hear. DS stood alongside the Dr. waiting patiently for her to say, "there it is", unfortunately, that didn't happen. I was hoping she'd keep trying but was a bit relieved when she stopped, the pressure was a bit uncomfortable!

DH took DS out so that we could finish the exam and the Dr. proceeded to reassure me that everything is fine. (She is having me come back next week to try again.) Everything else went well, I was happily surprised to find that I have only gained about 4 pounds back since finding out I was pregnant. I have been so tired lately that my lack of exercise was concerning me a bit!

I am excited to go back next week and hopefully hear the baby. DS continues to ask questions about his "brother" and we are always happy to answer! My sister-in-law had a baby girl last week and we are looking forward to watching our babies grow up together!

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