Wednesday, April 21, 2010

160 Beats a Minute

I woke up this morning feeling really excited and really nervous! Last week at my appointment when the Dr. went searching for a heartbeat, she didn't have much luck. Today, however, was a little different! DH was unable to attend today's big event due to work but DS was along and very excited to hear what "Baby" had to say!

While we were busy getting ready to leave this morning DS asked if the Dr. was going to take the baby out today! I think he's a little confused right now about when we will meet "Baby"! I again explained to him that the Dr. won't take "Baby" out until after his 4th birthday. He then wanted to know if the baby could talk and what he/she could say.
When the Dr. came in she asked DS if he was excited to hear the baby, he placed his head on my tummy and said "yes"! The Doppler picked up the tiny sound immediately! She told us that the tiny heart was beating at 160 beats a minute and that everything sounded perfect... pphheewwww! DS went on to tell the Dr. that the baby is a boy and that he is really excited to play w/ him. Even though I would really, really love to have a little girl, I'd be totally OK w/ another little boy!


  1. Glad you heard the baby's heartbeat today!