Thursday, February 25, 2010

The week of ultrasounds

*whew* This week has been a non-stop circus of doctor's appointments, including two different ultrasounds.

On Monday I had a 30-week ultrasound where the babies were carefully measured to make sure that they're still growing at the same rate (they are!) and that the gestational diabetes isn't affecting them badly (it doesn't seem to be). Today was the second scan, which was virtually the same but conducted by the very high risk specialist - again, I just want to reassure everyone that I don't actually need this particular doctor, I just see him occasionally to touch bases should I ever require his help. It's one of those preventative things.

A few measurement tidbits for your reading pleasure:
  • The babies currently weigh 3.75 and 3.8 pounds, respectively, a little larger than the average 30 week, 3lb baby. That means that I'm already toting around the equivalent of a 7.5lb baby. Can you imagine what it will be like in another 6-8 weeks? Eeek!
  • Both babies are measuring slightly ahead of schedule - one was 4 days ahead, the other was approximately one week ahead - so they're a bit larger than the average twins at this stage (most start slowing down after 28 weeks or so, just because space gets a little cramped). I was initially worried that this was from the GD, but my doctor reassured me that although they're on the large side, they're still within the normal growth range.
  • They're both head down, which is excellent news (we may be able to avoid a c-section!) but that means that not only do I now have two heads jammed painfully into my pelvis and exacerbating the donkey crotch, but they're two massive heads. My 30 week old boys both have head measurements the size of the average 34 week old baby. My poor ladyparts are shriveling in fear at the idea of how large their heads will be when it comes time to push these kids's hoping I don't give birth to bobbleheads.
Anyone else have a baby with a gigantic head? Did it even out in growth with the rest of the body before they were born?


  1. aww!!! twins!!My babies all have gigantic heads and all is well!!!My twins were a c-sec!!!stopping by from SiTS!! your almost there!!!

  2. Aww Congrats on your boys! I have to say boys rock! Stopping by from SITS

  3. Don't worry about their ultrasound measurements for weight and size. In the third trimester measurements are notorious for being up to 25% or two full pounds wrong in either direction!

    Stoppin' by from SITS!

  4. I agree w/ momotics - they're usually wrong and provide nothing but additional worry. My boy's head was and is still ridiculously large - above the 97th percentile. He has grown in to it, although it's still seriously big. Make sure to get shirts that have the little snaps on the shoulder to help w/ getting it over their heads! You'll do great!

  5. Just stumbled upon your blog...thanks to SITS...LOVE IT!!! Will be watching and waiting for the boys to arrive safe and sound!

    Check mine out if you get a chance!

  6. At my last few ultrasounds my baby's head has been measuring in like 95 percentile for size. It will be interesting to see on Monday when she's born how big it really is.