Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Make your own baby wrap carrier for le$$

I have mentioned our DIY faux-Moby wrap, which were no-sew and cost us $21 to make two. We made ours when I was 32 Weeks Pregnant. It was SO easy! We just bought 6 yards of stretch knit fabric (mainly cotton with stretch) that was 60 inches wide, folded it in half, length-wise and cut it in half. I didn't even finish the edges since they were not frayed or unraveling, even after going through the wash! Super easy and like $21 for TWO baby carriers! Here's Mr. Divasaur trying his out (back when I was 32 weeks) with our first baby, Regina:

Regina is 16 pounds and LOVES to be carried like a baby. She loved the wrap and was all snuggly and wanted to nap in there! It was too cute. Mr. Divasaur was excited that he'll be able to wear Libby while he's working around the house and doing homework. He was also happy that I chose this blue-gray color for the fabric rather than some cutesy print or bright red or something. Ladies, if you're on a budget but want a nice wrap, I highly recommend you try making one. No sewing needed! I made ours 30" wide, but if you prefer a less wide one, check out these instructions.

Here's Mr. Divasaur goofing off. Please note...this is how NOT to wear the wrap (or the baby)!

He said, "In the summer, when it's hot you can wear it like a one-piece sunsuit...like this..."

And here's our baby girl, all snuggled in tight. In the two weeks she's been with us I've worn her about 18 hours/day. It's awesome...she loves it and I can get some things done hands-free while she nurses or naps. It's also helped me become very aware of her cues so that she doesn't have to cry to let me know she needs her diaper changed or that she's hungry or needs to burp. I love wearing my LO and love that I can do it for le$$.

She LOVES snuggling down in her baby wrap carrier!

And here are three more must-haves that I have discovered in this first two weeks as a mom:

1) Nursing Tanks - I love these ones from Target by Gillian and O'Malley. They are only $16 and come in side sling as well as full sling versions. I also got two nursing tanks from Walmart, but prefer these Target ones more...they're more supportive, longer and come in many more colors.

2) Lap Pads - These flannel and vinyl lap pads are old school, but they work! I have been using them for EVERYTHING. As a barrier between baby and the changing pad, and as sheet protectors on the Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper and Crib. They're cheap and easy and good for lots of things!

3) Always Infinity Overnight Pads - With post partum bleeding (lochia) I was not looking forward to having to wear a maxi pad for weeks. I am not a maxi pad gal...I much prefer tampons, but they're a no-no for post partum bleeding. Anyway, I discovered these awesome, super thin maxi pads by Always. They're AWESOME! And really do the job.


  1. I just want to take a moment and THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming back on the site and telling all of us Future Mama's what you love and how things work for you. Personally, it's been a huge help and I'm really looking forward to hearing about all the items you love and use.

  2. YES! Nursing tanks (I call them camisoles) are awesome. I put them under all of my clothes. In fact, I don't wear nursing bras anymore, just the tanks. Then I can pull up my shirt to nurse all I want without having my belly exposed. I didn't think aout nursing clothes until after the baby came, which was a big mistake! I leaked everywhere, plus I had a yeast infection on my chest so I couldn't wear any of my (two) nursing shirts twice. I ended up just covered in milk most of the time.