Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Little Frog Prince

First of all, Congratulations to Divasaur and her new little one! Thanks for taking the time to give everyone the insightful information too :)

This week has been very productive! I found crib bedding! If you can't tell I'm absolutely ecstatic about it because it means the beginning of decorating etc. I needed to find a central idea to base everything around and it took much longer than I thought, but eventually I found it! I really wanted to find something less "blue" and more green/yellow... So, I finally found a lady selling a designer crib set that looks brand-spanking new for an incredible price online, and it's green/ yellow more than traditional baby boy blue. It has a little frog princes on the blanket, and originally I wanted to do something with dragonflies, so this might even work with those if I plan it right. I am thinking a sage green for the room itself with maybe a border of dragonflies, but we'll see- I have a scary feeling my husband will want hockey stuff in there, and as much as I LOVE hockey I just don't want the room to be covered in paraphernalia.

Also, I don't know if everyone has seen this, but there is this cat food commercial in Canada that has this man sitting on a porch loving his cat with baby talk ( I mean really embarrassing himself loving that cat), and his guy friend walks up unnoticed and is completely weirded out and says something about them going to play golf. Anyway... there is this part where the guy calls his cute cat a "handsome little prince" and I can't stop picturing my husband talking to our cat similarly to this guy! And now he does it just to make me laugh, and it really makes me laugh every. single. time. Sooooo... the point of the story is that now with the combination of that commercial and the crib bedding I keep thinking of the baby as the "handsome little prince" and thinking about my husband talking to him in that voice! Something about big, strong men and little tiny babies is just too precious for words.

Also, I have started to feel body parts coming out of my tummy! I have no idea what body part it is, but when I touch it, sometimes.... it pushes back! Based on the excrutiating rib pain I'm experiencing I still think the baby is breech and it's his head lodged under my ribs, but there is alot of time for him to turn around so besides being uncomfortable I'm not worried. It feels ten times more like a baby in there- now that we can interact a little more! I can't wait for my husband to feel it, but it seems like the baby picks and chooses when he wants to make an appearance and evenings just aren't very active for him. It's so amazing to feel the sliding movement across my tummy and thinking about him changing positions in there :)

I think the baby is getting much bigger and fast... I have developed a monster tummy where there was a small pooch before, and stretch marks like it's going out of style. My poor husband took a look at my tummy yesterday and all he could say with sad eyes was "oh babe...." Yeah I'm going to guess and say that's not a good sign... I have always had issues with my weight and although I've never been huge I can't help but panic at the rising number on the scale.... especially considering how rapidly it came on... my midwife said that it's a bit alarming as well, and although I have no problem gaining the necessary weight to have a healthy baby etc. I do have a problem with seeing it creep on all over my body and more importantly thinking I am actually eating fairly healthily! No matter how big or small someone is I'm sure the rapid weight gain (which doesn't help the stretch mark situation) of pregnancy is still alarming, and knowing that makes me feel a bit better, but I would like it to just slow down a little so that my mind can catch up with the changes my body is making!

So between school and work (and life) I am trying to fit in more exercise, but I won't lie most of the time I just don't have it in me to venture far from the couch once I have time to actually sit on it. I still feel the effects of the accident on my pelvis and the increasing pressure of a baby sitting on it is not helping, nor is it motivating to get my butt in gear and go exercise. But the point is I am trying! The sad thing is I know it would probably even make me feel better and less stressed, but it's just so hard to get at it!

I hope everyone has a great week, and sorry this post was so long!

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