Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I am a "cup is half full" kind of girl

So...I think I actually ovulated on a normal day this month. FF hasn't registered it yet, but my temperature spiked on day 18, which means I most likely O'd on day 17. That is pretty normal for me, so I'm thankful that my body is adjusting to being on clomid. After Oing on day 22 last month, I didn't know what to expect! I actually had a promising OPK on day 17 as well, so DH and I were sure to BD that night. This is the first time I've actually had an OPK that looked positive...so I was encouraged.

I'm feeling slightly different this month about ttc. I'm feeling a bit more at peace now and I think I'm okay with having a "whatever happens, happens" attitude. I'm so blessed by my little girl and very occupied with her, so it keeps my mind off having another one most of the time. Now I'm focusing on being content with my life as it is. If another little one finally comes along I will be overjoyed, but not having that happen yet doesn't take away from the joy I experience daily. Optimism is a great tool to have in your bag while ttc. I tell ya...

I'm also getting ready to embark on another semi-adventure that may be a little difficult considering what I've been experiencing with ttc. My sister-in-law is getting ready to have her 3rd child, (which I'll admit has been pretty difficult for me in and of itself) and I have offered to assist her in the birthing process. We have similar philosophies on labor and delivery and she feels she needs an advocate to help her. Her first two experiences were pretty standard; laying on her back, hooked up to machines and getting the epidural. She wants this experience to be different, so I agreed to assist her in a more natural birth. The catch is that the hospital wants to hook her up to a fetal monitor as soon as she arrives, which would require her to be laying on her back. Her solution is to wait until she's really in full blown labor and getting ready to have the baby before she checks into the hospital. It's all very unpredictable, so hopefully I can just be a voice of support and a hand to hold through the whole process.

At least I'll have something interesting to blog about come mid-March.

And maybe, just maybe sometime soon I'll have equally interesting news from my own life to report. I can always hope.

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  1. Optimism helps in almost every situation. I know it's hard to wait, but heaven just wants to give you the right baby at the right time.