Saturday, February 6, 2010

GD + a doctor roundup

I definitely have gestational diabetes. The good news is that on the level of severity, mine apparently isn't too bad, or at least that's what my OBGYN said on the phone. He doesn't think I need to start on insulin right away, and that I may have a shot at controlling my blood sugar with diet alone. I'm not averse to taking insulin if necessary (I'm not averse to anything that will keep these babies healthy and from arriving prematurely!), nor do I have a problem with needles, but it's nice all the same to know I may not have to jab myself every day.

This means I'll need to start meeting with a physician in addition to my OBGYN - the one my doctor would like me to see is currently out of town, so I won't meet him for another week or so. Until then, my OB has simply instructed me to follow a general low-GI diet to keep my refined carbohydrates consumption down.

And this also means I'll be up to three doctors instead of two. *le sigh*
I don't think I've discussed my doctor situation, have I? This is what it looks like right now:
  1. Dr S - this is my OBGYN. I was seeing him monthly, and now the visits have gone up to every two weeks since I'm in the third trimester. Note: this is a different doctor to the one I was seeing when we were still trying to conceive. She wasn't comfortable treating someone who was having multiples, and honestly after our many differences of opinion I wasn't sorry to switch to someone else at around the 12 week mark - Dr S is one of the most experienced doctors in town and I love him, so I'm so happy that I made the change!
  2. Dr H - this is the high risk specialist at the local hospital. It's standard in my little town to see Dr H if there is anything at all different about your pregnancy such as preeclampsia, threatened premature delivery, etc. As a multiple pregnancy is always classed as high risk, I check in with him on a monthly basis, with dates alternating with my OB (i.e., I'd visit Dr S, then Dr H two weeks later, then Dr S two weeks after that, etc.) - I suspect this will be stepped up to every two weeks at our next appointment so I'll then see either him or Dr S every week.
  3. Dr D - this is the physician I'll need to meet with to monitor my gestational diabetes. I don't know if it's common to see someone other than your OB about this in the States, but it seems to be standard here in Australia. He'll help me with my diet and prescribe insulin should it be needed in the future.
  4. Dr P - I don't really count him as one of my doctors, as I haven't actually met him yet - the first, and probably only, appointment with him will be at the end of this month. Dr P specializes in very high risk cases, and practices in Sydney; he only visits my town once every 1-2 months. I'm meeting with him at the request of Dr H, not because I actually need Dr P's assistance but just in case I should at some stage - it's standard practice for Dr H's patients. 
So there you have it - the Bibliosaur and Bebbehs Dream Team!


  1. Stopping by from SITS - I had GD with my pregnancy and was able to manage it with diet and exercise... its all about becoming really routine in your eating and exercise habits and finding the foods that spike your sugar levels - mine was fruit and of course refined carbs... hopefully yours will be manageable too! Here in the US, I saw a nutritionist along with my OB instead of another doctor, but would have seen an extra doc if I had needed insulin. Good luck!

  2. Google the Brewers Diet. That is how I kept my GD under control without any type of medication. Also, exercise, even if it is going for a walk around your neighborhood or the mall. It will help your blood sugar numbers GREATLY!
    I used our Wii Sports twice a day and that helped a ton on top of the diet adjustments.

    Another great website for it is it may sound like it is just for plus sized women, but it has a TON of great information on GD and controlling it.
    Good luck!

    Stoppin' by from SITS!

  3. I'm glad that you're really happy with the doctor you switched to at 12 weeks. It looks like you and all your doctors are doing the best to take extra good care of your twins. Good luck with controlling the GD with diet. Fingers crossed that you won't need insulin!