Friday, February 5, 2010

Discouraged and Determined

What a crazy cycle #5 turned out to be! I started using my CBEFM on CD6 and used it until CD18 and saw the same thing everyday:

Translation: 13 days straight of low fertility.

I was charting my temperature which seemed to be doing some really weird things. Since it was my first month charting, I didn't know what to expect. Plus, I had a cold and I wasn't getting a very good night's sleep for about a week. I did open a Fertility Friend account. Even FF didn't know what to make of me! I got a little message that said my ovulation couldn't be pinpointed to a 24 hour time period but I may have ovulated somewhere between CD5-11. Gee, thanks!

Surprisingly, my cycle #5 was only 18 days long!

My theory is that I probably ovulated on CD5. I started using the CBFM on CD6. Therefore, the monitor had no chance to detect any hormone changes because it was all over by then. I started feeling PMS symptoms on CD12 and started to spot then as well. I thought that it was impossible AF could be on her way. Mr. Pharmasaur thought she was and he was right. I am finding I do like charting my BBT. I could tell by my temperature drop that AF really was on her way the next day.

I am pretty discouraged and frustrated about my crazy cycles - 27, 32, 21, 53 and 18 days long since the miscarriage.

I did buy some Preseed. Mr. Pharmasaur and I tried it out once and liked it. But between my cold and my short cycle, there wasn't much BDing this month.

I am going to see a gynecologist this coming Tuesday. I am bringing all my charting info with me and will try to get some answers.

So, it is on to Cycle #6 for me. The plan is to keep using the "Big Guns" - PreSeed, charting on FF with BBT and CM info and the CBEFM. I think we need to start to BD every other day as soon as AF has gone, which will be very soon. I am feeling determined to start fresh this cycle.


  1. I hear ya with the crazy cycles. I hope next you can catch your ovulation next month.
    Good Luck!

  2. I hope you have better luck this month with the CBFM and charting. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!