Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Change of Name?

So I am thinking of changing my name from Relaxasaur to Worryasaur. I have no clue what is happening this cycle. First off I ovulated extremely early this cycle. I thought I had ovulated last Tuesday and I thought well if I am wrong Mr. Relaxasaur had some fun and practice for later this month. This past week I had been feeling pains and twinges near my left ovary and I thought I was one week in to my 2WW. Then this morning I woke up and there was blood on the toilet paper when I wiped. It wasn't fresh it was more brown so I am thinking my period is starting, which is weird because I didn't see or feel any signs. But, maybe I was too preoccupied with wondering if I had ovulated. If this is my period it may mean I ovulated two weeks ago because my leutal phase is 14 days it would have been around cycle day 15. This whole process is so new and frustrating. I thought I could be one of those people who can just try and see what happens with out a lot of worrying but it turns out not to so much. So now I wait to see if my period develops.


As the day went on I developed cramps and when I got home tonight I got fresh blood so it is my period. I am over being upset about it and on to looking foward to starting a fresh cycle. I am not sure what next cycle brings because I went from 63 days to 28 days. So I think on cycle day 6 I will start testing using my OPK's since I still have a crap load of them. Also, the hubby and I decided to have sex every other day as soon as lovely Aunt Flo leaves.

I think I might document my OPK journey and take a picture each day to see how the tests look when it leads up to a positive because they were so weird this cycle with always having two lines on them for the last week or so. I will post the picts after each week. Did anyone else have crazy cycles after coming off birth control? Today marks 9 months off the ring.


  1. could it not be implantation bleeding?

  2. it could be implantation bleeding!!! Did you tested yet!!!!