Saturday, February 20, 2010

And she´s here, yet again.

After having a complete and total meltdown on Wednesday, Aunt Flo came for her scheduled monthly visit late Thursday evening. Now that she´s actually here, I feel a lot less emotional and am probably a more pleasant person to be around. I´m bummed that she found her way to my house yet again, but such is life. I had been denying the fact that there might be a problem here, but after 12 cycles being busts, I think it´s time to look at reality. I got pregnant very quickly and easily each time before, needing no more than 3 cycles to do so, so something is off.

I went to my dermatologist yesterday to get some new acne cream since my face has been going berserk the last few months around O, and she started asking questions. First, she asked if I was still trying, then she asked how long I had been trying this time, then she asked how old I was, and then she dropped the bomb. She told me that while I´m not old, I´m not young either, and that while it´s ok to try for a year on my own, I shouldn't try any longer. She pointed out that with my history it´s time to head in to the gyno and have a sit-down. It´s time to start looking into what might be causing this delay in getting pregnant. Maybe it´s time to do some hormone therapy, and maybe it´s time to look at doing a lap. I don´t know what she will tell me, but at the urging of my dermatologist, I´m going to make another appt. to talk to my gynecologist about what´s going on. It´s time to start moving forward. So as I move on to cycle 26 or was it 27, it´s time to do something.


  1. Stopping by from SITS to say Hi!
    I am adding you so I can come back & read more!
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  2. I am sorry that she showed up. Hopefully now you can get some answers.

  3. Sorry to hear about AF. I hope your gyno can help you get your BFP soon!