Friday, February 5, 2010

2WW, already?!

This morning when I turned on my monitor on CD16 it didn´t ask me for a test stick, but told me my fertility level was high. I was just about to reach for another stick when I realized that I wont be needing any more of them this cycle!! I made it through my first CBEFM cycle using only one set of ten sticks!! This is very exciting news because those test sticks aren´t exactly cheap. I paid 13 pounds for a box of 20 and it´s nice to know that I have enough for another cycle. I was afraid I´d have to run out to the pharmacy here and pay 30€ for a box of 20 to use next cycle. Hopefully there wont be a next cycle, but I´m a realist and know that the chance of getting KU in any given cycle is only about 25%. I digress. Anyway, I had read online that many women use 20 test sticks their first cycle using the CBEFM, so I am very happy to be getting off a bit cheaper this time.

As for the high reading, I suppose since I just had two peak readings, it stands to reason that there is a chance I´m still fertile. I guess that means yet another night of BDing....I think Mr. Lillysaur and I are getting pretty tired after six straight days, but hey, if it brings me my BFP, then I´m ready to roll.


  1. I'm glad the CBFM is working well for you! Good luck for your BFP!

  2. Congrats on a successful first cycle on the FM. For your reference, you'll always get one High reading after 2 Peak readings. I hope your extra night of BD leads to a BFP in 2 weeks!

  3. That is awesome you will have sticks left, but I hope you wont have to use them.

    Good Luck!