Sunday, May 17, 2009

Unexpected 2WW (AKA A Lesson in Sobriety)

In my last TTC update you may remember that we had to take Feb-May off in our Baby Quest because of my injury and we were hoping to start up again in June. Our TTA efforts included tracking my cycle and using condoms during fertile days. So I thought I was safe.

Today is CD23, 7DPO and when I went to the bathroom this morning I noticed a pink mucusy discharge. I am feeling slight cramping, have had headaches for the past 2-3 days, my breasts are tender and a little swollen, and I'm getting a little nervous! I can only imagine this being three things: my period coming early, implantation side effects, or my own mind freaking me out.

So unless I get a full blown period today/tomorrow I have entered into an unexpected 2WW. Luckily, I didn't realize I was in it until 7 days into the 2WW, but still those last 7 days can be very torturous! This is my first 2WW and until now I never understood why people get so frantic during this time. Now I get it! While I would be very happy we had a (mostly) effortless conception, and be BEYOND excited to be pregnant, it's really not a great time, especially if I am told my recovery will be stalled until they can do surgery. Which I would opt out of until after pregnancy, obviously, which would really let down my work who is hoping I'll be back at work in June in time for the busy season. If I can't recover on my own, that would put me out of work for over a year. Something I desperately do not want to bring upon my work.

So with me being so concerned about this, and actually being careful to NOT conceive- how did I find myself in this situation? Alcohol.

I don't drink very often. I'm also a rather small person. So when I do drink I get intoxicated very fast! So when we went to a Cinco de Mayo party at a friends house I planned to have only one or two and then stop. Then we started playing Rock Band and I got distracted and drinks kept getting handed to me and I kept drinking them and then... an unexpected 2WW. I feel like a 16 year old high school cheerleader again.

Alcohol, you are evil. And I'm a bad (*cough*horny*cough*) drunk. 7 more days...

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