Friday, May 15, 2009

Off the Chart

I am traveling half way around the world tomorrow for work and will be away from home for six days. I have decided not to pack the BBT and just go off the chart until I get back. Upon my return home, I will still be able to temp for three more days before AF is due, so I can get a good idea if my temps have dropped or not. Speaking of dropping, today is 5DPO and my temp dropped to just above the coverline this morning. Could this be a sign of implantation? Maybe. Or maybe not. We shall see. I anticipate my temp going back up tomorrow. And from there, who knows? My trusty BBT will be tucked away in my nightstand while I am sleeping 7,620 miles away. (yep, I looked it up. Don't you just love Google?)

It actually feels very liberating to know that I won't be a slave to the BBT each morning at 4:45 a.m. And with limited internet access, I won't be able to obsess over my chart either. So I will be blissfully ignorant, if only for a week. And I can chalk up any phantom symptoms to being jet lagged! If only I could take a major trip every time I am in the 2WW! Here's hoping that after I get home, I'll have some news.

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