Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's Not A Baby

My mysterious cramping and spotting from earlier this week wasn't implantation bleeding- it was a full blown period coming on. And not to be too TMI, but it was the heaviest and most painful I've had in probably 10 years.

So I inquired about this sudden odd period (luteal phase was only 8 days long) and my doctor said I probably had a Luteal Phase Defect (LPD) this past month. Luteal Phase (LP) is the time between ovulation and when AF shows up. LPD is usually any LP shorter then 10 days, though some doctors think anything shorter then 12 days qualifies as LPD. If your LP is shorter then 10 days your body cannot support pregnancy, even if the egg is fertilized. Your uterus just doesn't give it enough time to "stick" to the uterus and get cozy enough to start releasing the pregnancy hormones that let's your body know to stay pregnant.

The Dr. then asked me to sit there and try to remember when my periods were the past 4 months. Since I haven't been tracking it due to the injury I let all that fall by the wayside. I eventually figured it out and we realized that my Luteal phase has most likely been short for at least 3 months since my cycles have only been 23-24 days long each. Though since I didn't track ovulation I have no idea how short/long it really was. She suggested Clomid, which I think was a bit of a rush. Instead I'm taking some B6 and Vitex and hoping my body just had to regulate. Since the short Luteal Phase thing started after the injury I'm hoping the strain it put on my body affected my cycles and I just need to give it time.

So, no baby. I thought I would be really happy when AF came in full force. I really wanted to do this the right way and wait until after my appointment on the 29th, but at the same time the thought of being pregnant made me REALLY excited. I guess I never got to that point even when we were TTC before the injury. I knew what I had to do to get pregnant, and I've been reading books about labor and delivery, but I've sort of ignored everything in between. This past week has opened that up to me, and now I want it more than ever.

I've jumped the gun a bit and ordered OPKs and some cheapy pregnancy tests so that if we get the green light on the 29th I will be good to go! I do experience Mittleschmerz and know pretty much when I O, I just want the OPKs to confirm this (to track the LPD) and also to know a few days BEFORE I O. Since, you know, those are actually the important days! I just have to hope the LPD was just a fluke this month and works itself out by O time in June!

Though, I only had a 1 DAY wait this time around. I'm going to be a wreck when it's really a 2WW!

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