Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy (Late) Mother's Day

Today is 14DPO and I got confirmation with a CBE Digital HPT this morning. Seems the CBEFM helped me get KU so I wanted to be loyal to the brand and use their digital HPT. Mr. Divasaur is hilarious about the +HPTs. He's storing them in a drawer and pulls them out a few times a day to make sure they're still positive. I love this man! Well, he wanted a fancy digital read out that says pregnant so we picked up a two pack yesterday while running errands. I am not sure what he plans to do with these, but for now, he's just storing them up and checking on them. It's slowly starting to sink in that we're expecting.

My first positive digital gave me the idea that to tell my mom I think I will wrap it in a little jewelry box (the kind meant to hold bracelets) and tell her it's a belated Mother's Day gift since I didn't see her on Mother's Day (she has been out of town since May 8th and won't return until June 9th). My mom currently lives with us so she knows that we've been TTC and when I've been ovulating and probably even when we've been FWP! Come to think of it, I am pretty sure we got KU'd on Mother's Day. That's when I ovulated at least. So happy late Mother's Day to me too.

To tell our long-distance friends and family I think we should take a photo of Mr. Divasaur with the digital and send an email from him saying, "Look what Divasaur got me for my birthday!" We shall see if I can talk him into that one. Turns our Mr. Divasaur has been doing his homework. While I took a power nap yesterday he plowed through most of WTEWYE. I am impressed. On top of that, apparently while I was out of town he was all over the internet finding out about early signs of pregnancy and pregnancy in general.

We had lunch yesterday and he was telling me all about it. And how this is my fourth week of pregnancy and the baby is now developing its three layers of cells that will become its skin, internal organs and skeletal system (he's in nursing school right now so all of this truly fascinates him). I am so proud of him! He's already an informed daddy! He told me that if we have a son he doesn't want to circumcise him and if at all possible, he hopes that I will try to go for an unmedicated childbirth. We are on the same page with that and we plan to hire a doula to help us labor at home before heading to the hospital (which is 5 minutes away). I expressed my fears about all of the unknowns and he reminded me that it is normal to be worried and that whatever shall come to pass, we will go through it together.

It's truly amazing all of the worries and fears that can come to the forefront as soon as you see those two little pink lines. Will it stick? Will it develop properly? Will I be a miserable pregnant lady? Will I be able to find maternity clothes that fit? Will I be a good mother? Will our childcare plan really work? What if we have ice on the roads the day I go into labor? And on and on and on. Right now, I am trying to acknowledge each one as it comes up and not dwell on it too long. It seems to me that it's every parent's lot to worry like mad about their child...even it it's just a collection of cells the size of a poppyseed.

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And so our pregnancy journey has begun. I bought the WTEWYE Pregnancy Journal and Organizer and have yet to pen a note for fear that it's too early, even though it starts on week one (which is, technically, the week you O and therefore two weeks before you're actually KU)! I know I am not alone in this thought, but at the same time, right now, today, I am pregnant. And I love this baby. And whether I am lucky enough to bring this little being into the world nine months from now or not, I want to document this process. So today, I think I will put pen to paper and fill in the blanks on the first few pages of the journal. I think it will make it feel more real for me. At least I hope it will. And only time will tell whether or not this journal is to become a family heirloom to be tucked away with bronzed booties and a lock of fine baby hair. I am praying that it will.

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  1. Just a friendly warning on the gift.... the batteries on the digital HPTS run out :) Congrats though! H&H 9 months!