Thursday, May 28, 2009

Feeling Pregnant

Tomorrow marks one week since we found out we're expecting and what a week it's been. It's unbelievable in so many ways! We have now told all of our immediate family members and closest friends. And I have told who knows how many folks in cyberspace! I was almost outed by one of them on Facebook. Not cool. Thankfully I caught the congratulatory wall post before anyone else did. YIKES! I still hope to keep it under wraps at work and I have a lot of colleagues on FB.

My office is 100% female (26 of us) and I am just waiting for someone's intuition to kick in and ask me if I am KU. I am 4w4d today and am definitely feeling pregnant. I actually awoke on Monday (4w) with mild nausea. It has come and gone in waves all week. Surely the frequent trips to the restroom are going to tell on me soon enough. As long as it doesn't develop into trips to vomit, I will be so grateful.

Here's a rundown of my symptoms at 4 weeks pregnant:


In addition, my breasts are incredibly sore and hot. I feel as if they've been used by a heavyweight boxer for sparring practice. I have large bewbies (40DDD/E) and while they're not bigger, they feel heavier and fuller. And sore. It was so bad last night that I actually opted to ice them down with the gel packs I usually use in my soft-side cooler. Ah! Sweet relief! Who knew that icing down my bewbies could feel so good? I did it over the shelf-bra tank that has been my uniform since last weekend (I am sleeping in them these days to help the soreness).

Maybe I need to get some of these?!

image source

Last week I had a raging appetite and this week? Not so much. I am sure the nausea has a lot to do with it. So I am eating small meals 5-6 times a day. Oddly, white carbs are almost repulsive to me (they're normally my craving during AF)! I cannot even think about eating rice or pasta or cereal. Lean protein and fresh fruit are what I crave. Gimme some plain yogurt and sliced strawberries, please! Or hard boiled eggs and a peach. I am not much of a juice drinker, but I have to admit that I am loving my pulp-free, calcium-and-D-enhanced OJ in the mornings. I remember last year when my BFF was pregnant...she was addicted to fruit smoothies. Now I know why! I have managed to avoid them this week, but they're sounding super yummy right about now.

My hips, knees and ankles are achy like right before I get the flu. In fact my ankle has been rolling so easily that I have relegated myself to flats this week after nearly killing myself by stumbling in the parking lot at work. I have a repaired anterior-cruciate ligament on my left knee and it feels particularly achy. I cannot help but worry that if it's feeling like this at just 4 weeks what 36 more are going to do to it! On top of that, my wrists are also sore and Doctor Google led me to resources that say carpal tunnel is more prevalent in pregnant women. Great! Now I am going to have to curb my online habit.

I am drinking 3 liters of filtered water each day with ease. I am so thirsty! It's the only way I can keep my mouth from feeling dry.

Lots of water means lots of pee! I am officially heading to the restroom about every 90 minutes. And my usual confidence in feeling that "I can hold it" is beginning to leave me. It has made my meetings at work quite interesting. And I am not getting up in the night to pee, but I know that day is coming. One the other end of things, I have to say that despite my perchance for fruit it's not helping in the regularity department. I used to rely upon coffee to help that situation, but since that's out I have got to figure something out that works. Prunes, perhaps?

Speaking of work, I did spill the beans to one coworker. She and I are on the executive team together and were traveling overseas together last week. She commented on how she thought she was still jet lagged and asked if I had still been feeling tired since getting back. I said, "Yes, but it's probably because I am pregnant." She was so happy. And I am glad to have told her. She's my mom's age and has three daughters my age. She knew we were TTC and I trust her. Plus I am glad I've told her because we have two more business trips before the end of my first trimester and I feel relieved knowing that she knows.

I am trying really hard not too come home and crash on the couch. It's so difficult! Yesterday I manged to pull it off but then passed out at 9 p.m. I slept hard too. Thankfully I awoke feeling energetic and was able to walk a mile on the treadmill this morning (I had meant to do it yesterday after work but was so dragging)! I hope to walk everyday and start some pregnancy yoga classes a couple times of week too.


My emotions have been swinging from irritable to weepy to happy to impatient. I cried while watching "So You Think You Can Dance" last night. How lame is that? (That I cried, not that I watched it. I know that's pretty lame.) I also find myself getting short with my dogs if they're being needy or even my hubby. That makes me feel bad. So I am trying my best to check myself when I am feeling cranky.

My face looks worse than it did when I was teenager. I was lucky back then...narry a pimple, except under major stress and then it was a teeny, tiny thing. In my 20's I would get the one big, scary zit right before AF. Now that I am KU my face is just going nuts! I am so sad...I feel ugly. On top of it, my cheeks are flush. Is that the glow everyone talks about? It looks more like embarrassment over having a face that looks like a 17-year-old fast food fry basket worker.

Maybe it's just me, but I swear my hair is growing faster. I already have roots even though my hair was cut and colored just about two weeks ago. On top of that, I am having to shave my underarms and legs everyday! Are they sprouting overnight? I normally only need to shave every other day or every two days. WTF? I have been sporting a short, post-wedding 'do for almost a year now (my hair used to be long) and now I am wondering if I should grow it out while I am pg. No matter, I know I will need to embrace my gray hair that loves to sparkle at my temples. I am so desperate to cover it, but know I need to wait until the second trimester. To cap it off, I have naturally curly hair and it's being really wacky right now. I hope a new, more humectant conditioner will tame it's wild and unruly ways.


The silver lining in all of this is that, happily, both my gassiness and bloat have left me for now. What a blessing, considering everything else that I am dealing with in the bodily functions department.


  1. Oh man, I got the zits bad too! I felt like a teenager! Sounds like things are going swimmingly. I'm so happy for you.

  2. Fruit smoothies: Yum! Tip: Add a scoop of protein powder to up their nutritional value.

    Coffee: Any interest in decaf? I can't live without my Sbucks latte, so I now order a Decaf Tall Nonfat Latte. Yummy! Oh, and the yogurt-granola things at Sbucks are delish.

    Breast soreness goes away. Tiredness too will let up in the 2nd Tri. But the gassyness gets worse! My hair grows like crazy now. Skin is OK but my balance is off. Oh, and you forgot FORGETFULNESS. Buy a jumbo pack of stick-it notes because it gets hard to remember anything, even your keys sometimes. ;-)

  3. Congrats again! It's so interesting to read everyone's experiences and get a peek into how our body's chemistry and appearance change!